We are proud to present our third mural installment at Penlan, from our good friend, an absolute legend and crazy talented artist Bronte Naylor.

1. Do you have an ongoing message you’re trying provoke through your art?

In a round about way I could describe my on going message as a reflection of personally feeling of detachment and distraction from what’s in front me. My work asks to what extent memory plays into the construction of own reality. I look at ‘digital interference’ not only in what it contributes to memory, as a collective and an individual, but aesthetically referencing distortion and slippage.

2. If you could change one thing about creative culture what would it be?

Short and idealistic response: If I could wave a big ole magic wand I would like to change the idea that because artists of, any discipline, have chosen a creative direction for their career they must LOVE every waking moment of their life, never work a day because they LOVE what they do. I feel satisfaction and forfillment from what I do, that is a massive pay-off. I have internal and external battles just as much as the next person. In my belief there IS a distinctive tone of determination and maybe sacrifice that is accompanies being creative yet there is no magically never ending well of energy.

3. Do have any little rituals to tick off before you begin painting?

Nothing of interest. I have a cigarette, a coffee and a good true crime podcast lined up before I start painting. I do mostly keep a notebook next to me while I am painting so if a thought comes into my head, I write it down whether its about moving my life to a different place, an idea about a video I want to make or to call my sister, once I have finished writing down all the trivial and/or obscure thoughts normally I can sit still and get back on task.

4. What’s next on the creative agenda ?

My solo show ‘All of the Time’ is coming up in November at First Coat Studios exhibition space in Toowoomba. Ill be pouring my brain and body into that for the next little while. I am revisiting my love for film, video and photography for this exhibition. Dedicating time to developing new elements to add on to what I already know is what it’s all about, to feel simultaneously scared and excited is a good space to hang out for me as I start the next chapter.