A year ago today, Penlan Street Co was born!

A year ago today we, Rachael (MOOSH) and Silve (MOOSH) signed our first commercial lease together. Today we take time to share our journey so far with our homies. 

We finally took the plunge after a 3 year conversation weighing up the pros and cons of starting yet another business together! Were we nervous? We were shitting ourselves, but we did it anyway! And we're glad we did. 365 days in, with only handful of days off and it's still our favourite place to be.          

The day we signed that lease, was the day we went into overdrive bringing to life all the ideas we had once talked about, in some ways this part of the process felt automatic and natural and in other ways we were completely out of our comfort zone.

Like a lot of people that start there own business we just wanted to create something that didn't already exist around us. That's not to say there weren't things happening, they just weren't happening in the way in which we wanted to tell the story.

With no previous experience in retail, we relied heavily on our own experience as Co Creators/ Co Owners of MOOSH83 Streetwear and street culture itself. After all "products" are just one part of the story we hope to tell over time. 

Pictured above: Sydney the Artist

Keeping standard streetwear trading hours was always a part of the plan, but cultural expectations aside, those hours have enabled us to continue working a second job with our cleaning business which has definitely been helpful. Highly recommend holding on to an income when you're trying to get something cracking!

Our "About Us" is as relevant today, as it was last year:

But what we didn't share is the meaning behind the name "Penlan". So here it is: 

PENLAN: A tribute to our cousins who passed away. Penny and Lance. Penlan Street Co is a reminder that life's short and you should do what you love.

We just want to say a special thank you to anyone that's been about what we do since we started this journey.

The 24th August will mark 12 months since we officially opened our doors, we got some things in the works for our 1st Birthday... So stay tuned for details...