Badlands Brand x Penlan Street Co


Our "Be Free" T- shirt is a collaboration between Badlands and Penlan Street Co. Inspired by the notion that life is short and you should do what you love with the people we love.

At times our minds play games with us but we all have the key to escape that trap and live the life we want with the people that inspire us.

Feel Free to be Free

Photographed and modeled by @atticusradley
Printed by @josh_killermerch
Designed by @chrisxcosta

Above content is supplied via our homies at and @badlandsbrand (Instagram).

In the beginning it was Chris Costa’s imprint on punk culture that gained our interest in working with Badlands Brand and naturally after taking a look at their first collection we were down!

We knew we wanted to collaborate with Badlands and once we started rolling out ideas for our 1st Birthday, we put some ideas together for the homies to consider…

With both brands in their first year we wanted the collab to cement the founding ethos of each brand.

Badlands Brand
Badlands is a lifestyle brand inspired by the moments that take your breath away and the people you share those moments with.

Created independently in Australia and shared worldwide.

Taking time, care and passion to create timeless products with a keen eye for the social responsibility we have to source ethically created materials produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

We are wild ones.

Penlan Street Co
A tribute to our cousins who passed away. Penny and Lance. Penlan Street Co is a reminder that life's short and you should do what you love.

Peeling back the layers of our name sake brand allowed Badlands to connect beyond what we had already shared in our "about" and mutually we felt it made sense for our brands to collaborate.

Chris then presented some mottos / lyrics for us to consider as his initial ideas of what he would later interpret into a illustration.

We loved "Feel Free to be Free" for two reasons: We're firm believers in being yourself and not conforming to expectations others impose on you and also because it felt like another send off for Penny and Lance

Once we had settled on "Feel Free to be Free", we exchanged ideas about how we saw the illustration coming together and then we received what became to be the first and final artwork. BECAUSE WE LOVED IT!




A true collaboration of ideas that came to life, through a process of working with the like minded! Thanks for the love Badlands Brand, y'all are the real deal. 

Grab one today from: Badlands Brand, both online and in store at Penlan Street Co, shop 3/ 53 Grafton, Cairns City 4870.