Rachael MOOSH

What You Eat - Doodle Pad

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+ Doodle Pad

+ White Card Cover

+ 20 Blank Page Inserts

+ Approx 15cm x10.5cm 

+ Hand Written Calligraphy

+ Inspired By "Jay - Z" Lyrics

+ What You Eat, Don't Make Me Shit! 

+ My Non - Rap Translation: Your Opinions Don't Devalue My Worth.


What's up! My name is Rach, I go under the moniker (Rachael MOOSH), also known as 1 of 2 Co Creators/ Co Owners at Penlan Street Co and MOOSH83 Streetwear, with my partner in crime Silve (Silve MOOSH).

As an avid fan of street culture, the spirit of DIY and the art of communication, I look to exhibit and grow creatively through collaborative and independent projects.