I have always had a passion for art and illustration which led me to study Fine Art, Graphics and Photography at Camberwell School of Art in London.  I continued to develop my skills and design style after studying and in recent years felt the time was right to channel my efforts into developing my own, independent brand.

My designs are largely influenced by Hip-Hop, which inspired the ‘GoldenEra’ Hip-Hop stamp collection – the first of my designs to be produced and sold.  The design has been acknowledged and well received by a number of the Hip-Hop artists, such as Chuck DKool KeithMaseo and Keith Murray, amongst others.  Such positive feedback really encouraged me to keep going with my work..  And so began Madina – my own design company and online shop, which has seen my range of designs and products expanding year by year.

As a small independent business, I value the support and feedback of the artists who have inspired me, my customers and friends.  In turn, I try to support other small businesses by sourcing my products and printing from independent, local suppliers.

All that said – I’m on a mad mission to get my GoldenEra stamps print signed by all the living artists that feature.

Wish me luck!


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